Monday, 9 June 2014

Petrosian Memorial Tournament Report

 (Report by Rahul Beekrum)

Glenwood Chess Club hosted its first Open Rapid tournament on 1 June 2014 at Northlands Primary School. The tournament was held in honour of former world champion ‘Iron’ Tigran Petrosian for his contribution to chess. After 7 rounds the tournament was won by Mbongeni ‘MC’ Sithole.

The tournament attracted a strong group of 47 players with 10 players over 1700. There were many upsets and after 4 rounds the 3 leaders with full score were top two seeds Erick Takawira and Joseph Mwale, and surprise challenger Petros Ntombela. Mwale went on to beat Petros in round 5 while GCC president Sayen Naidu took a point of Takawira to leave Mwale clear on 5/5. However, Mwale lost to Takawira in round 6, leaving 4 players, including Bhekinkosi Mgobhozi and Mbongeni Sithole on 5/6 going into the last round.

In round 7, the game between Mwale and Mgobhozi resulted in a quick draw, with Takawira playing Sithole for outright first place. The game was never going to be a draw in a messy position after Sithole began a kingside pawn storm with the White pieces after castling kingside, leaving his king unprotected. The position seemed equal material-wise for most of the game, but Takawira got into time trouble and Sithole eventually won.

Thus the tournament was won by Mbongeni Sithole on 6/7, with a three way tie for 2nd on 5.5/7 between GCC members Joseph Mwale, Bhekinkosi Mgobhozi, and Cyril Danisa on tiebreak respectively. The Best Junior award was shared between Genevieve Pillay and Shayur Hansraj, with Genevieve winning it by one bucholz point.\

Petrosian Memorial 2014 Champion: Mbongeni Sithole.

The full results are here.