Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Glenwood Chess Club Championship 2014

Glenwood Chess Club's first club championship tournament has just concluded.  GCC attracted close to 60 players to compete in the tournament, which was divided into five sections.

The E Section which was a 9 round swiss, saw Dayaan Parthiphal finish clear 1st with 7/9, a point and a half ahead of the field.  Sachin Pather came 2nd with 5.5/9, and Thanushree Pather was 3rd with 5/9.

The D Section was a 10 player round robin, with Joshua Bezuidenhout emerging 1st with 7/9, half a point ahead of the field.  Zahra Kara came 2nd with 6.5/9, followed by Chad Blomeyer with 5.5/9.

The C Section was won by the club's director - Divesh Sookdeo, who finished with 6/9, a half point ahead of his field.  Nathi Ngubeni, Sachin Ramgoon and Adhir Lalla shared 2nd place with 5.5/9.

The Candidates Section was won by Shivar Gopaulsingh, with 7/9, a half point ahead of his field.  Petros Ntombela came 2nd with 6.5/9 followed by Yashkar Balmakhun with 5/9 for 3rd place.

And finally the hotly contended Championship Section was won by Joseph Mwale and Jason Subke with 7.5/9, with Lulama Qobo and Bhekinkosi Mgobhozi sharing 3rd place, with 5/9.

 GCC members prepare for their games.  The young school players use old school pen and paper tech, and the old school players with their flashy hand held tech.