Wednesday, 9 July 2014

GCCC Postponed Games

Dear Member/Parent

1) This week Friday is the scheduled last round of the club championships (A to D section). Throughout the tournament we have allowed postponements but recently the amount of games being postponed has been substantial. It is out of our control but we cannot allow the tournament to finish later than already planned. We have added 1 more week to the club championships to help with the postponements.

Postponed games by a player (see attached list) must be completed by Sunday the 27th of July. If a postponed game result is not given to me by the end of the day, the person who postponed the game shall lose the game. This decision was taken in fairness to accommodate all postponed games. 

As GCC Executive, we have provided next week Friday (18th) - 1 round, Saturday (19th) - 2 rounds and the following week Friday (25th) - 1 round for players to play their games. In the attached list there are 5 rounds of postponed games. The Club Director has done his best to accommodate everyone in those 5 rounds. It is recommended that players organise to play each other during the week wherever possible.

2) Club games will start at the normal time of 6.30 this week.

3) E section will be playing round 8 this week Friday and conclude next week Friday.

Glenwood Chess Club Executive Committee