Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tal Swiss and other news.

Dear Sir/Madam

With the conclusion of the club championships this week Friday, the club now moves on to its 2nd Swiss Tournament (Tal Swiss Tournament) which starts on the Friday 1st of August at Glenwood Preparatory School.

1) All paid up club members will automatically be entered. If you are not participating, please let me know before the tournament commences.

2) New members are welcome to join our club at any time. Please follow instructions on the entry form (see attached).

3) I would like to encourage all World Youth 2014 participants (current club members and non-club members) to play in this tournament as it will provide competition and match practice. 

4) Current club members please to specify if you want to play in the A section if your rating falls below the prerequisite. Otherwise you will automatically be placed into the B section.

5) Registration for the tournament will take place at 5.45pm on the 1st of August. Please bring your own clocks if you have. Clocks may be rented at R2 per round. Person playing black will have the responsibility of providing/renting the clock.

1) Club will resume its coaching sessions from the 1st of August. Coaching sessions are from 4pm to 6pm. Coaching fee is R100 per session attended by your child. If you will be attending, please send me an email.
2) The Club will be hosting an Open Chess Tournament (Glenwood Chess Club Open) on the 30th and 31st of August. Please keep yourself available for those dates. Entry forms will be made available soon. 

"The Glenwood Chess Club aims to uplift youth chess by providing a platform for participation and competition"

Yours sincerely
Divesh Sookdeo - Club Director